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2024 Predictions for ESG & Impact

2024 Predictions for ESG & Impact in Beauty and Personal Care
2024 Predictions for ESG & Impact in Beauty and Personal Care

It's January, so you know what that means. Let's dive into 2024 with a few predictions on where I see ESG and impact headed in the beauty and personal care industry.

Emphasis on Expertise

Brands will continue launching with immediate targets of large retail partnerships, external investment, or an exit.  

To embed the ESG chops needed for this level of growth, brands will lean on the expertise of

Holistic View of Regulatory

In the United States, companies will have to consider emerging standards on green claims, product material choices, and end of life at the state and federal level. 

For companies with overseas operations, there’s even greater emphasis in understanding the EU + UK perspective. 

Cross-Sector Learnings

Greenwashing scrutiny in other consumer packaged goods (CPG) sectors will carry over to beauty and personal care, forcing companies to learn from mistakes in (and embrace best practices from)

  • Fashion & apparel 

  • Food & beverage

  • Home care

To see a great example of this, check out this article I wrote for Provenance: "5 Food and Drink Brands Called Out for Greenwashing and the Lessons We Can Learn"

Embracing Advanced Technology

With so much focus on data from product development to marketing, companies will turn to advanced technologies for


If you're interested in learning more about Source Beauty ESG and how I support companies of all sizes with their sustainability and impact initiatives, feel free to reach out ( or check out the Source Beauty services guide.


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